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Amy Poehler and Tina Fey being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest - 2013 Golden Globes 

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Rizzoli & Isles: A short summary.

That’s right … Boobs

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Jane you’re an idiot and totally in love with Maura …

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*not mine* *credits to the owner*


*not mine* *credits to the owner*

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Finale !

Okay so i’m pretty sure that Maura is gonna safe Jane from drowning and Then ends up kissing her in the end or mouth to mouth JUST SOMETHING!!!

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Yup.. They are falling for each other

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Rizzoli And Isles

Season 5: Maura and Jane are falling for each other and you see it clearly compared to the other seasons of the show.

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Best friends my ass ! They are falling for eachother - Anybody Can see that

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R&I 5x09: The ‘Rizzoli-Isles’ family.

Can we just talk about Maura’s arm … Can we just!!!

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Foreplay by Maura Isles

… Eye sex

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